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    Exploring the Development Mechanisms of Danxia Landforms in the World Nature Heritage Sites of China Danxia

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丹霞地貌世界自然遗产地发育机制 Danxia Landform; Word Nature Heritage Sites; Development Mechanisms



Danxia landforms which interacted by the internal and external forces are integrations with time, space, and substances. From the time category, all red bed basins of red inland continental facies clast formation which were formed under hot-dry climate environments in the Mesozoic era provided material bases for the development of Danxia landforms. As the crustal monement, the internal force is the main factor of contradictions at that time. From the space category, Danxia landforms are mainly distributed in the verges of red bed basins. The spatial extension of the study areas is mainly along NE direction under the control of main fault line, the directions of sub-faults and sub-joints which are NW, NNE, or EW superimpose the main fault line of NE direction and bring complicities to the Danxia landforms horizontal differentiation. The development of Danxia landforms are acted by the internal and external forces then. From the perspective of substance category, tectonic uplifts which superimpose those horizontal differentiations which bring vertical differentiation of Danxia landforms. Caves and grooves were developed as the lithologic differences eroded by external forces and developed next stages. So the colorful various Danxia landforms were developed under the main action of the internal forces and sculpture action of the external forces.

欧阳杰. 中国丹霞世界自然遗产地丹霞地貌发育机制探讨[J]. 地球科学前沿, 2013, 3(1): 18-21.