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    Random Provide Turbine Large Component Field Processing Special Equipment——Supply and Demand of the Development of the Concept of Change Is Inevitable

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王 鉴,郭大川:哈尔滨电机厂有限责任公司,哈尔滨

水轮机汽蚀磨损专用设备Turbine; Cavitation; Wear; Special Equipment



This essay introduces the operation and repair of turbine as well as the overseas sign of the big component in the turbine repair transformation processing. It brings the concept of providing large processing equipment at the mo- ment of supplying water turbine to shorten the repair time and expect better economic benefit. Furthermore, it helps to improve the utilization rate of water resources in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

王鉴, 郭大川. 随机提供水轮机大部件现场加工专用设备——供需观念的改变是发展的必然[J]. 机械工程与技术, 2013, 2(1): 25-28.