Analysis of Common Problems of GIS Equipment Electrical Interlock Circuit
DOI: 10.12677/jee.2013.11010, PDF, HTML, 下载: 2,537  浏览: 8,678 
作者: 杜嘉寅, 杨 晨, 王 倩, 沈 通:济南供电公司,济南
关键词: GIS联锁回路断路器隔离开关GIS; Interlock Circuit; Breaker; Switch
摘要: GIS组合电器设备联锁回路非常重要,直接关系到断路器、隔离开关等设备的操作,直接影响设备运行。目前经常遇到隔离开关无法操作情况,相关原因多为联锁回路发生问题。本文详细介绍了GIS设备应用的大体情况,针对典型220 kV GIS电气系统分为出线、主变、母联、PT间隔分别进行了阐述,细致分析了各类联锁回路的分类和特点,同时结合实际工作对联锁回路常见问题进行了分析并提出了整改措施和解决办法,对于相关问题的处理具有借鉴意义。
Abstract: The interlock circuit of GIS equipment is very important. It is directly related to the operation of breaker and isolating switch, and affects the function of equipment. At present, we often encounter that isolating switch cannot work because of the fault in interlock circuit. This paper introduces general situation of GIS equipment and expounds the typical 220kV GIS system which is divided into: line, transformer, buscouple and PT interval. The classification and characteristics of all kinds of interlock circuit are also analyzed. Combining with the actual work, the common problems of interlock circuit are elaborated, and then the rectification measures and solutions are put forward, which are useful for dealing with related issues.
文章引用:杜嘉寅, 杨晨, 王倩, 沈通. GIS设备电气联锁回路常见问题浅析[J]. 电气工程, 2013, 1(1): 40-45.