The Idea of Earth Expansion under the Theory of Plate Tectonics: A Historical Perspective And Literature Review
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作者: Henry Zhen:Harp Consulting, San Francisco, California, United States
关键词: 板块构造理论地球膨胀论地球科学思想史Plate Tectonics Earth Expansion The History of Earth Sciences
摘要: 地球膨胀论曾经是魏格纳大陆漂移假说早期的主要支持者,但上世纪中叶在海底地磁条带和“贝尼奥夫带”等地质现象被发现后,随着国际地学界“海底扩张”和俯冲带等概念的提出,板块构造学说以其更为直观和逻辑自洽而获得了地球科学家的广泛接受和认同,成为战后主流的地学理论框架,而地球膨胀论则被边缘化甚至被“伪科学”化了。然而近年来的地球科学进展在解决板块论所面对各种新老问题的同时,却也发现了许多对膨胀论有利的证据。本文将从实证和文献方面对这些证据进行综述和分析,为地球科学的发展提供一种不同的专业视角,并讨论膨胀论重新作为一种地学分析框架的可能性。
Abstract: The theory of Earth Expansion or “Growing Earth” was once the main supporter of the Wegener Continental drift hypothesis in the early days. However, after the geological phenomena such as the submarine geomagnetic strip and the “Benioff zone” were discovered in the middle of the last century, the concepts such as the “seafloor expansion” and “subduction zone” had been raised in the international geoscience. The theory of plate tectonics has been widely accepted and recognized by geoscientists due to its more intuitive and logical self-consistency. It has become the mainstream theoretical framework of geoscience after World War II. Meanwhile the theory of Earth Expansion has been marginalized and even been considered as “Pseudoscience”. However, in recent years, along with the advancement of earth sciences, while explaining many of the questions in the theory of plate tectonics, many evidences that are beneficial to expansion theory have also been found. This paper will review and analyze these evidences from the empirical and literature aspects,which provide a different professional perspective for the development of earth sciences, and discuss the possibility of expansion theory as a framework for geoscience analysis.
文章引用:HenryZhen. 板块构造理论背景下的地球膨胀论:历史回顾和文献综述[J]. 汉斯预印本, 2019, 4(1): 1-23. https://doi.org/10.12677/HANSPrePrints.2019.41020


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