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Optimization in Microgrid Design and Energy Management. Missouri University of Science and Technology

TA Nguyen

Electrical engineering Optimization in microgrid design an... Tu Anh

The dissertation is composed of three papers, which cover microgrid systems performance characterization, optimal sizing for energy storage system and stochastic optimization of microgrid operation. In the first paper, a complete Photovoltaic-Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB) microgrid is characterized holistically. The analysis is based on a prototype system installation deployed at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, USA. In the second paper, the optimal sizing of power and energy ratings for a VRB system in isolated and grid-connected microgrids is proposed. An analytical method is developed to solve the problem based on a per-day cost model in which the operating cost is obtained from optimal scheduling. The charge, discharge efficiencies, and operating characteristics of the VRB are considered in the problem. In the third paper, a novel battery operation cost model is proposed accounting for charge/discharge efficiencies as well as life cycles of the batteries. A probabilistic constrained approach is proposed to incorporate the uncertainties of renewable sources and load demands in microgrids into the UC and ED problems.