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杨成瑞. 微观结构[J]. 科技资讯, 2008(31): 225-227.


  • 标题: 磁单极子的数理分析与延拓Mathematical Analysis and Extension of Magnetic Monopoles

    作者: 杨成瑞

    关键字: 夸克, 磁单极子, 混合态, 强力态, 弱力态, 电子Quark, Magnetic Monopoles, Mixed State, Powerful States, Weak Force State, Electronics

    期刊名称: 《Modern Physics》, Vol.6 No.3, 2016-05-26

    摘要: 研究高能量宇宙质量粒子的空间结构是当前粒子物理学急需解决的课题。数学理论研究表明,一类磁单极子是存在的,属于玻色子与费米子构成的夸克混合态,其单元基态存在正反,满足两个6 × 6,4 × 4标量矩阵。在空间度规上叠加,异性磁单极子根据有限加法群和非阿尔贝群理论与色动力学原理,形成耦合渐近的强力胶子态;根据有限乘法群理论,形成另一种动量传递的量子纠缠弱力态磁场。其强力与弱力混合态构成相反电性的一类基本粒子——电子。 To study the quality of high-energy cosmic particles of the spatial structure is the current particle physics issues that need to be resolved. Mathematical theory studies have shown that a class of magnetic monopoles exist, and they are bosons and fermions mixed state composed of quarks, which means that there is positive and negative ground state satisfying two 6 × 6, 4 × 4 scalar ma-trices. In metric space overlay, according to finite additive group, non-abelian group and chromo-dynamic theory, superposition of dissimilar magnetic monopoles on space time scale forms asymptotic strong coupled gluons. However, in accordance with finite multiplicative group theory, it forms another kind of quantum entanglement weak magnetic field for transmission of momentum, where strong force and weak force mixed state constitute opposite electric fundamental par-ticle—electron.