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甄蜀春, 张厚, 鞠智芹 (1998) 适应对象特点, 改革课程教学方法. 高等教育改革与实践. 新华出版社, 北京.


  • 标题: 本科教学中的诊断式教学法The Diagnostic Teaching Method in Education of University Students

    作者: 张厚, 梁建刚, 赵辉

    关键字: 诊断式教学, 教学改革Diagnostic Teaching Method, Education Reform

    期刊名称: 《Creative Education Studies》, Vol.3 No.2, 2015-05-15

    摘要: 论文首先阐述了诊断式教学法的内容和实施过程;然后以《微波技术与天线》课程教学为例给出了教学的实施效果;最后就教学中应把握的几个问题进行了说明。该教学法对于充分调动本科生的主观能动性,激发他们的创造性思维的潜能,提高学术和科研能力具有积极的推动作用。In this paper, the content and execution procedure of proposed diagnostic teaching method were presented. Then the method was applied in teaching of the course of “microwave technique and antennas”, achieving a good effect. Finally, some relevant questions worthy of consideration were discussed aiming at features of university students. It was shown that this teaching method can greatly motivate the subjective students’ activity and enlighten their creative thinking potential, and also their ability in the academic and scientific research can be improved obviously by this education method.