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Dalby, S. (2003) Calling 911: Geopolitics, security and America’s new war. Geopolitics, 8, 61-86.


  • 标题: 地缘结构视角下中国西北部地缘环境与国家安全Analyzing Geo-Setting and National Security of Northwest China in the Perspective of Geo-Structure

    作者: 曹原, 王惠文

    关键字: 地缘结构, 中国西北部, 中亚地缘格局, 国家安全, 美国Geo-Structure, Northwest China, Geopolitical Pattern in Central Asia, National Security, USA

    期刊名称: 《Geographical Science Research》, Vol.4 No.2, 2015-05-27

    摘要: 我国周边地缘结构复杂。我国西北部毗邻广阔的中亚地区。中亚地区多民族、多文化交叠,对我国国家安全构成一定威胁;同时,中亚地区对保障我国能源供给起着十分重要的作用。近年来,美国中亚南亚政策的调整、大国在这一地区的“博弈”、经济领域的侵害、文化领域的渗透、“三股势力”的活动等,严重影响我国的国家安全。为了应对这一局势,我国要借助“上海合作组织”这一多边合作平台,加强与各相关国家的合作,防止“东突”势力与国际反华势力、“三股势力”暗中勾结,破坏中国与中亚国家的关系。防止大国在中亚的军事争夺演化成对中国的直接安全威胁。积极参与中亚石油生产和经营活动,避免中亚形势发展对中国能源安全造成重大冲击。发挥新丝绸之路的地缘战略价值,坚持中国的西部开发、开放和发展,辐射带动中亚地区的振兴和繁荣。加强与俄罗斯的睦邻友好关系,利用两国地缘上毗邻的有利条件,背靠对方,形成地缘政治合力,以对付共同面临的各种问题和威胁,争取最大的战略回旋余地和安全利益。加强与邻国的和平地缘外交,维护邻国的稳定,构筑中国的和平安全环境。 Geo-structure surround China is complicated. The Northwest China adjoins the wide, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural blended Central Asia which is the threat situation to China. In the meantime, Central Asia plays a very important role in guaranteeing China’s national resources supply. In re-cent years, the changes of American strategies, “game playing” between other great powers and terrorist activities in this area badly affect China’s national security. In order to response this sit-uation, first, we should strengthen cooperation with related countries with the help of Shanghai Cooperation Organization in order to promote the relationship with Central Asian countries; second, build effective cooperation mechanism against terrorist activities with surrounding countries; third, join oil production and management in Central Asia actively. From inside of our country, we should develop geo-strategic value of the New Silk Road to promote the development in West China and association between West China and its neighbor countries. Also, we should consolidate the relationship with Russia to formulate resultant force in this area and the world to strive for national security interests.