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罗东晓 (2010) 回收高压管输气压力能用于冷库的技术. 城市燃气, 4, 30.


  • 标题: 天然气管网压力能利用技术分析Analysis on Pressure Energy Utilization Technology of Natural Gas Pipeline Network

    作者: 王硕, 孙金栋, 高顺利, 周晶晶

    关键字: 天然气管网, 压力能, 利用技术Natural Gas Pipeline Network, Pressure Energy, Utilization Technology

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.3 No.3, 2015-06-05

    摘要: 天然气管网蕴含着巨大的压力能资源可供开发利用,利用㶲分析理论计算了天然气管网可用能量,当管网天然气由压力10 MPa、温度293.15 K,降到压力0.8 MPa、温度210.15 K时,可回收压力能达到356.63 kJ/kg。对于年输气能力1500 × 108 m3的天然气管网,可回收能量相当于120 × 104 kW的电站一年的发电量。介绍了天然气管网压力能利用的各种方式,分析了压力能利用技术存在的问题。 The natural gas pipeline network has great potential pressure energy which has not been devel-oped yet. The energy analysis theory is used to calculate the total amount of available energy of the natural gas pipeline network. When the pressure and the temperature of the pipeline network are reduced from 10 MPa to 0.8 MPa and from 293.15 K to 210.15 K, respectively, the recyclable energy can reach 356.63 kJ/kg. For the natural gas pipeline network having annual gas transmission capacity of 1500 × 108 m3, the recyclable energy is equivalent to the annual power generating ca-pacity of 120 × 104 kW. This paper introduces various ways that the natural gas pipeline network pressure can use, and analyzes the existing problems of pressure energy utilization technology.