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赵晴川 (1998) 水冷壁烟气侧高温腐蚀的试验分析. 华东电力, 7, 10-13.


  • 标题: 典型300 MW锅炉计算机数值模拟软件诊断分析Diagnostic Analysis of Numerical Simulation Software for Typical THE 300 MW Boiler

    作者: 任君, 缪正清

    关键字: 直流燃烧器, 锅炉, 数值模拟Burner, Boiler, Numerical Simulation

    期刊名称: 《Metallurgical Engineering》, Vol.2 No.2, 2015-06-05

    摘要: 本文针对某电厂300 MW锅炉存在的燃烧器区域火焰刷墙现象,采用CFD计算机数值模拟商用软件对该锅炉的炉膛燃烧器区域的流场进行数值模拟研究,研究该锅炉燃烧器的射流实际刷墙情况,发现造成燃烧器火焰刷墙的结构性问题。建议对现有结构进行改进,通过反复的现场炉内冷态试验和数值模拟试验相结合,检验改进结构的实际效果,得到解决问题的最佳方案。In this paper, in view of the phenomenon of a flame brushing water-wall in the burner area of Typical THE 300MW boiler, a cold state numerical simulation study of the 3-dimensional flow field in burner area has been conducted with numerical simulation software. It recognizes the main causes leading to a flame brushing water-wall of boiler. Improving existing structures is suggested; through repeated furnace cold test and numerical simulation, the actual effect of the improved structure will be verified to get the best solution to solve the problem.