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Falkowski, P.G. and de Vargas, C. (2004) Shotgun sequencing in the sea: A blast from the past? Science, 304, 58-60.


  • 标题: 海洋沉积物总DNA提取方法研究进展Advances in Marine Sediments of the Total DNA Extraction Method

    作者: 赵新强, 于晓朋, 张名爱, 于翠芳, 程凡升

    关键字: 海洋沉积物, 微生物多样性, DNA提取, 研究进展Marine Sediments, Microbial Diversity, DNA Extraction, Research Progress

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Microbiology》, Vol.4 No.2, 2015-06-19

    摘要: 海洋沉积物中微生物是海洋生态系统的重要组成部分,在维持生态平衡方面发挥着重要作用。随着人们对生物多样性重要性认识的不断深入及研究方法的不断改进,对海洋沉积物中微生物的研究取得了新的进展,但仍然存在一些问题,如微生物难培养、DNA难提取等。本论对海洋沉积物微生物多样性研究中的关键步骤进行分析探讨,主要包括样品取样及预处理、细胞的裂解、总DNA的提取、纯化和保存方法及质量评价等方面。阐述国内外对海洋沉积物微生物多样性研究中DNA提取方法取得的成果,以及存在的局限性。 Microorganisms inhabited in marine sediments server as an important role in the marine ecosys-tem as well as the biosphere substances’ circulation. The gradually deepening understanding of the biodiversity and the continuous improvement of research methods in marine sediments still face some basic obstacles, such as the cultivation of microorganisms and DNA extraction. This paper aims to summarize the current research progress in environmental DNA extraction method in marine sediment, which corresponds to Metagenomics and other modern molecular ecology re-search methods. Key steps in the sampling, transportation, storage, samples pretreatment, cell disruption, total DNA enrichment, storage and quality evaluation were discussed in detail.