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罗朝春, 等 (2005) 电力市场日前交易计划的分布式协同算法. 电力系统自化, 11, 88-96.


  • 标题: 并网下微电网调度策略研究Scheduling Strategy for Micro Grid in Grid-Connected Mode

    作者: 王杏玄, 赵向阳, 罗文

    关键字: 微电网, 调度, 并网, 优先次序法Micro Grid, Scheduling Strategy, Grid-Connected Operation, Priority Method

    期刊名称: 《Smart Grid》, Vol.5 No.3, 2015-06-23

    摘要: 传统电网的发电模式一般固定,按照等耗量微增率优化负荷经济分配,而微电网是由间歇性、随机性很大的新能源发电及不确定性负荷组成,如何制定有效的调度方法称为发展微电网的关键问题。本课题以含光伏、蓄电池、柴油发电机、可控制负荷、敏感负载的微电网为对象,研究其并网模式下的调度策略,提出基于电池的荷电状态(SOC)的优先次序法与双重粒子群优化算法,经过算例证明这两种策略的正确性与有效性,并对优化结果进行对比分析。 The generation mode of the traditional grid is generally fixed; the optimization for economic load distribution is in accordance with the equal consumed energy ratio. While the micro grid is com-posed of the intermittent new energy generation and the load power of great uncertainty; how to formulate the effective scheduling method is the key problem of the development of the micro grid. This paper studies the Priority Method of Battery’s SOC (PMBC) and Dual Particle Swarm Optimi-zation (DPSO) algorithm aiming at scheduling strategy under grid connected mode, which is based on the micro grid with solar system, battery, diesel generator, controllable load, sensitive load. An example shows that the two strategies are correct and effective, and analysis and comparison of optimization results are conducted.