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马克思经典著作选读. 38.


  • 标题: 异化的连锁反应——生态危机Chain Reaction of Alienation: The Ecological Crisis

    作者: 王瑶

    关键字: 异化, 资本主义, 生态危机, 生态革命Alienation, Capitalism, Ecological Crisis, Ecological Revolution

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Philosophy》, Vol.4 No.2, 2015-06-24

    摘要: 众所周知,早期的资本主义贯彻的是与自然资源富足的时代相适应的粗放型经济,而现代的开发则依赖科学技术对自然的掠夺,不争的事实是,不管是获取容易还是开发难,资本在利益的驱动下都必然导致对资源的过度消耗,高生产必然意味着高消费,两者的相互推进与自然资源的有限性相互作用,必然引发生态危机。笔者通过分析对异化劳动、异化消费和自然的异化三者之间的作用关系来揭示资本运动中的反生态性,即论证首尾关联的异化连锁反应的最终导向:生态危机。It is well known that the early implementation of capitalism and rich natural resources is adapt to the era of extensive economy, while the development of the modern rely on science and technology of the natural plunder, indisputable fact is that, whether it’s easier to get or develop, capital under the drive of interests are bound to lead to excessive consumption of resources, inevitably means high consumption, high production of both promote each other and interaction between the finiteness of natural resources, raising the ecological crisis. The author through the analysis of labor alienation, alienation consumption and natural alienation to reveal the role of the relationship between capital movements in the ecosystem, the endless argument associated the alienation of the final orientation of a chain reaction: the ecological crisis.