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Choi, B.-D. and Yoo, H. (2009) Design of piecewise weighted linear interpolation based on even-odd decomposition and its application to image resizing. IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, 55, 2280-2286.


  • 标题: 基于Zedboard的WLI图像缩放算法的硬件设计Hardware Design of WLI Image-Zooming Algorithm Based on Zedboard

    作者: 许世阳, 董航, 李辉

    关键字: 奇偶分解, WLI算法, 高级综合, 软硬协同验证系统Parity Decomposition, WLI Algorithm, High Level Synthesis, Software and Hardware Co-Verification System

    期刊名称: 《Computer Science and Application》, Vol.5 No.6, 2015-06-25

    摘要: 本文选择了一种新颖的图像缩放算法进行FPGA硬件实现。该算法基于奇偶分解的思想,具有复杂度低、硬件需求小和缩放效果良好等突出优点。首先利用MATLAB对该算法进行了功能验证,然后用缩放耗时、PSNR、边缘模糊等级和脉冲噪声等指标评估基于该算法图像处理效果。与传统时域算法作对比,对比结果表明该算法在处理效果和运算速度上的优异性。基于Zedboard开发板,运用Vivado HLS高级综合工具将算法的C程序综合成硬件IP,并搭建了包含ARM处理器和VGA等模块的软硬协同验证系统。实验验证了图像缩放算法硬件设计的正确性和实用性。A novel zoom algorithm is researched and further realized by a FPGA board. The algorithm is of low complexity, low hardware requirements, and wonderful zoom result thanks to even-odd de-composition method. First, function of the algorithm was verified by MATLAB. Second, zoom results of pictures were evaluated using PSNR, time consuming, edge fuzzy grade, and impulse noise. Compared to the conventional algorithm in the time domain, the even-odd decomposition method has advantages on zoom quality and computational efficiency. Based on Zedboard, we wrote C program of WLI image zoom algorithm and used high level synthesis tool Vivado HLS to generate the IP from the program. Then, a software and hardware co-verification system was constructed including modules such as ARM processor, VGA controller. Finally, hardware design of the zoom algorithm using even-odd decomposition method was proved correct by experiments.