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郑冬芳, 王宏波 (2011) 《神圣家族》中的“人道主义”解读. 人道主义和社会主义, 3.


  • 标题: 据《神圣家族》中“真正的人道主义”探析“以人为本”的科学发展观Based on the Ideology of the “True Humanitarian” in “Sacred Family” and Analyses the “People-Oriented” Scientific Development

    作者: 李德友

    关键字: 真正的人道主义, 以人为本, 科学发展观True Humanitarian, People Oriented, Scientific Development

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Philosophy》, Vol.4 No.2, 2015-06-26

    摘要: 《神圣家族》是马克思和恩格斯共同撰写完成的第一本著作,在马克思主义思想形成的过程当中具有非常重要的历史地位。马克思和恩格斯通过对“批判的批判”的批判加深了我们对其“真正的人道主义”的认识。加深了我们对“真正的人道主义”和“社会主义”之间的关系的理解。考察马克思恩格斯在《神圣家族》中的“真正的人道主义”思想对于我们理解其与“以人为本”的科学发展观之间关系具有非常重要的意义。有利于我们依靠广大的人民群众推动历史向前发展,从而推动人的“自由全面发展”的实现。对于建设社会主义现代化国家、实现全面建成小康社会、实现真正的坚持以人为本和人的全面发展的宏伟目标具有非常重大的历史意义和借鉴价值。 “Sacred Family” is the first book that Marx and Engels wrote together and it played an important role during the process of Marxism got mature. We deepened the understanding of “true humanitarian” through the criticism of “Sacred Family”. And we got a clear understanding about the relationship between the “true humanitarian” and “socialism”. Understanding the meaning of “true humanitarian” gets a very important significance for us to know the relationship between “true humanitarian” and “people-oriented scientific development”. It has the advantage for us to rely on the masses of the people to push history forward so as to promote the implementation development of people. It has advantages for us to build a modern socialist country and build a well-off society in an all-round way. It has the very important significant for the aim of implementation development of people.