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Han, Y.Q. (2011) Mathematical description of the composition of universe. Bulletin of the American Physical Society Spring 2011 Meeting Ohio-Region Section of the APS, Volume 56, Abstract ID: BAPS.2011.OSS.D4.8.


  • 标题: 加速度是宇宙及万物变化的根源Acceleration Is the Source of Changes of the Universe and All Things

    作者: 韩永全

    关键字: 加速度, 速度, 时间, 空间, 辐射, 超光速, 暗物质Acceleration, Velocity, Time, Space, Radiation, Over Speed of Light, Dark Matter

    期刊名称: 《Astronomy and Astrophysics》, Vol.3 No.2, 2015-06-29

    摘要: 组成宇宙的三大基本要素:时间、速度、空间。加速度是宇宙变化的根源,加速度、速度、时间、空间相互制约,宇宙变化应该存在一个变化常数——C = j3 × (v × t × k)。物体之所以能辐射,是由于物体自转的线速度小于光速。当物体自转的线速度等于光速时,物体不再辐射,辐射粒子(电磁波粒子)以该物体的半径为半径随物体自转,此时物体的状态就是物质和暗物质的拐点,此时该物体的引力场半径等于该物体的半径,再继续变化即是暗物质,暗物质自转的线速度是超光速的。暗物质不辐射,引力场半径也等于该暗物质的半径,这就是暗物质不易观察、检测到的原因。最基本的量子内部绕转的粒子对,遵循量子的绕转半径和量子质量平方的乘积是一个常数。 The universe is composed of three basic elements: time, speed, space. Acceleration is the source of the change of the universe. Acceleration, speed, time and space are mutually restricted. There should be a constant change in the universe—C = j3 × (v × t × k). The reason of the objects radiation is that linear velocity of objects rotation is less than the speed of light. When the linear velocity of object rotation is equal to the speed of light, the object won’t radiate any more, radiate particle (electromagnetic wave particle) rotate by the radius of itself radius, now the state is the inflection point of the matter and dark matter. At this time, the object’s gravitational field radius is equal to the radius of the object, and then it continues to change to be dark matter, the linear velocity of dark matter rotation is faster than the speed of light. Dark matter doesn’t radiate. The gravitational field radius is equal to the radius of the dark matter that is why dark matter is difficult to be observed and detected. The most basic quantum internal spin around the particle pair should fol-low the rule that Quantum circle radius multiplied by Square of mass is a constant.