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Wieczorek M A, Phillips R J. JGRE, 1998, 103: 1715.


  • 标题: “嫦娥”-1号探测数据新证认两个月球背面质量瘤区域Two Lunar Far-Side BGA Mascons Identified by Chang’E-1

    作者: 平劲松, 苏晓莉, 鄢建国, 黄倩, 梁青

    关键字: “嫦娥”一号, 月球, 月球重力场, 地形, 质量瘤Chang’E-1; Moon; Lunar Gravity; Topography; Mascons

    期刊名称: 《Astronomy and Astrophysics》, Vol.1 No.3, 2013-07-26

    摘要: 月球重力场与地形数据组合,可以揭示月球壳、幔等内部结构,还可以揭示月壳中的物质分布异常集中的区域–质量瘤区域。利用“嫦娥”-1月球地形模型,并结合优化的月球重力场,新证认“嫦娥”-1发现的月球背面中尺度撞击盆地Fitzgerald-Jackson、以及南极区域的Amundsen-Ganswindt是两个质量瘤异常区。同时也进一步确认了Amundsen-Ganswindt盆地的存在,消除了在这个问题上的不确定性。这类中尺度的月球质量瘤的发现证明了“嫦娥”-1号月球探测数据在测月学研究中具有独特的优势和特点。By combining the lunar gravity field with the lunar topography model, the interior structure of lunar crust and mantle can be recovered, and the mascon area can be also recovered and investigated in some detail. Using the Chang’E-1 lunar topography model and the updated lunar gravity model by Chang’E-1 data, two middle size mascon basins, Fitzgerald-Jackson basin and Amundsen-Ganswindt basin are newly identified as BGA mascon basin. Also, the large BGA signal eliminates the uncertainty of existence of the Amundsen-Ganswindt basin together with the image data. Chang’E-1 data have some advantages on discovering the middle size lunar hidden basins.