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夏厚军, 王春艳, 张海林, 等 (2012) 自发性树鼩乳腺肿瘤的特性. 动物学研究, 1, 55-59.


  • 标题: 树鼩乳腺导管内乳头状瘤一例A Case of Breast Intraductal Papilloma in Tree Shrews (Tupaia belangeri chinensis)

    作者: 匡德宣, 孙晓梅, 王文广, 陆彩霞, 罕园园, 仝品芬, 代解杰

    关键字: 乳腺导管内乳头状瘤, 树鼩Breast Intraductal Papilloma, Tree Shrews

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine》, Vol.4 No.3, 2015-07-13

    摘要: 报告一例树鼩乳腺导管内乳头状瘤。患病树鼩为雌性,3岁。肿块位于腹部皮下乳腺部位,直径约为1.0 cm,椭圆形不规则,表面光滑。组织病理学观察发现肿块含有乳腺特有的乳腺终末导管结构和少量乳腺小叶结构,由导管乳头和小叶状增生细胞组成,乳头分支少,较为粗大,细胞体积较大,细胞界限清晰,核分裂少见,伴有大汗腺样化生。核仁明显,细胞核位于细胞中央一侧,胞浆丰富并且呈红色,伴有坏死。诊断为乳腺导管内乳头状瘤。A case of breast intraductal papilloma of tree shrews is described. Masses in the breast area were found in a 3-year-old female tree shrew. The lump diameter is about 1 cm, irregular oval and smooth surface. Histopathological examination with H.E staining showed that mass contained breast specific terminal ductal structures and a small amount of breast lobules, which was composed of ductal papillary and lobular hyperplasia. The nipple was less branching and more bulky; the cell volume was bigger; the cell boundary was clear; the nuclear division was rare, and accompanied by sweat gland metaplasia. The nucleus is located in the side of the cell, and the cytoplasm is rich and red with necrosis. The pathological feature of case supported the diagnosis of breast intraductal papilloma.