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龙立荣 (1991) 职业兴趣测验SDS的发展现状与趋势. 教育研究与实验, 2, 34-37.


  • 标题: 高中生生涯规划测试决策版编制The Development of Education Decision Test for High School Students

    作者: 赵梦雅, 王芳, 衣雪菁, 张冠宇, 李洁璿, 于晓, 袁柯曼, 王鹏

    关键字: 升学指导, 学科门类, 能力, 兴趣, 人格Education Guidance, Subject Categories, Interest, Ability, Personality

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.5 No.4, 2015-07-16

    摘要: 以我国教育部划分的13个学科大类为基准,本研究拟编制出符合我国教育政策和国情的升学指导测验,即《高中生生涯规划测试决策版》。前期通过对国内外相关文献及升学测验进行梳理,确定测验编制的三个维度——兴趣、能力、人格。并对各个专业的学生(每个学科大类下7~8名本科生,共103人)进行访谈,归纳整理并初步自编每个学科门类下各维度的题目共800道题项,分为13个分测验。经过初次施测(施测被试为115名高三生)和正式施测(测验被试为399名高三学生)后,进行题目删减,13个分测验剩余题目总数为459题。对各分测验进行了信效度分析,结果发现:1) 各测验的内部一致性信度良好(克隆巴赫系数均大于0.75);2) 11个分测验的模型拟合度较好;3) 以学生自身第一志愿为效标,测验效度初步得到验证。 The aim of this study was to develop an education guidance test, “Education Decision Test for High School Students”, which matches the national policies and conditions based on the 13 categories divided by China’s education department. Firstly, according to a plenty of related literature and several entrance tests both at home and abroad, three dimensions—interest, ability and personality were settled. Secondly, the interviewees from different majors (7 - 8 undergraduates under each major of each category, a total of 103 interviewees) were selected and interviewed, and the draft test was divided into 13 sub-tests including approximately 800 items that were developed by refereeing the information collected from the interview and various extant personality, interest and ability scales. After initial testing (participants are 115 senior high school students) and the formal testing (participants are 399 senior high school students), the improper items were eliminated, and the final edition included 459 items. Then validity verification of each sub-test was implemented. The results showed that 1) all of the internal consistency reliability of the test is excellent (Cologne Bach coefficient was greater than 0.75); 2) in addition to the F test and K test, the fitting degrees of the model are ideal; 3) taking students’ first choice as criterion, the validity of the test is initially proven.