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赵庆良, 蔡萌萌, 刘志刚等. 气浮–活性污泥工艺处理制药废水[J]. 中国给水排水, 2006, 22(1): 77-79.


  • 标题: 温度对“SH-A”工艺处理阿托伐他汀钙制药废水的影响研究Study on the Influence of Temperature on the “SH-A” Process of Atorvastatin Calcium Pharmaceutical Wastewater

    作者: 孙锋, 潘大伟, 郑春芳, 王树成

    关键字: 温度, 阿托伐他汀钙, 制药废水, SH-ATemperature; Atorvastatin Calcium; Pharmaceutical Wastewater; SH-A

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Microbiology》, Vol.2 No.1, 2013-03-27

    摘要: 本文采用SH-A工艺对处理阿托伐他汀钙制药废水的效果进行了研究,重点研究了温度对SH-A工艺处理阿托伐他汀钙制药废水的影响。实验结果显示:采用SH-A工艺处理阿托伐他汀钙制药废水,能够有效去除废水中的COD和-N;温度对SH-A工艺处理阿托伐他汀钙制药废水具有较大的影响。在给定条件下,对于COD,随着系统温度的升高,COD的去除率明显提高,当温度达到35℃,COD去除率达到最大值,继续升高温度,COD去除率有所降低;对于NH4+-N,随着系统温度的升高,其去除率亦明显提高,当温度达到29℃,-N去除率达到100%,继续升高温度,去除率保持不变。根据实验结果,应选择35℃作为本工艺处理阿托伐他汀钙制药废水的最佳温度。 In this paper, the effect of using SH-A process to treat Atorvastatin Calcium pharmaceutical wastewater is studied. This study mainly focuses on the effect of temperature on the SH-A process. The experimental results show that: the SH-A process has an effective removal of COD and -N; temperature is key factor of the treatment effects. Under the given conditions, the COD removal efficiency improved significantly with the increasing system temperature; the maximum COD removal rate occurred when the temperature reached 35˚C; continued to rise system temperature, COD removal rate decreased. In terms of the -N, with the increase of the system temperature, the removal rate was significantly improved; when the temperature reached 29˚C, -N removal rate reached 100%; continued to rise the temperature, the removal rate remained unchanged. According to the experimental results, the optimal tempera- ture for SH-A process to treat the Atorvastatin Calcium pharmaceutical wastewater should be 35˚C.