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张新中, 文万侥, 徐先栋等. 双重PCR在创伤弧菌和副溶血弧菌快速检测中的应用[J]. 现代渔业信息, 2007, 22(9): 11-13.


  • 标题: 荧光定量PCR技术检测副溶血弧菌方法的建立与初步应用Establishment and Primary Application of Fluorescence Quantitive PCR for Detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus

    作者: 孔繁德, 吴玉娟, 黄新新, 黄标敏, 彭小莉, 徐淑菲, 林立

    关键字: 副溶血弧菌, 荧光定量PCRVibrio parahaemolyticus; Fluorescence Quantitive PCR

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Microbiology》, Vol.2 No.2, 2013-06-17

    摘要: 目的:建立副溶血弧菌SYBR Green I实时荧光定量PCR检测方法。方法:根据副溶血弧菌(VP)的toxR基因序列,应用primer6.0设计了1对特异性引物,进行了最佳引物浓度的确定,建立了标准曲线和溶解曲线,对所建立方法进行了特异性、灵敏度和稳定性测试,并进行了临床样本检测。结果:副溶血弧菌SYBR Green I荧光定量PCR的最佳引物浓度为0.2 µmol/L,标准曲线循环阈值和模板浓度呈良好的线性关系,相关系数R2为0.996,扩增效率E接近100%,溶解曲线特异,最低检出量为2.14个拷贝,特异性和重复性较好。临床检测结果与常规细菌分离鉴定方法符合率100%。结论:建立了特异灵敏的副溶血弧菌实时荧光定量PCR检测方法,对于加强进出口水产品中VP的检验检疫具有十分重要的意义。 Objective: The study developed a SYBR Green Ι real time quantitative PCR for Vibrio parahaemolyticus (VP). Method: According to genome sequences within toxR of VP published in GenBank, a pair of primers was designed by primer6.0. The reaction conditions, sensitivity and specificity of the method were optimized and evaluated. The method was also applied to clinical samples. Result: It was shown that the optimal primer concentration was 0.2 µmol/L. The results also demonstrated that standard curve established was shown a fine linear relationship between threshold cycle and template concentration. The correlation coefficient R2 was 0.996, the efficiency of amplification in E was close to 100%, the dissolution curves were specific and the minimum detectable amount was 2.14 copies. This method has better specificity and reproducibility. The coincidence rate was 100% when compared the results to routine separation and assay method. Conclusion: A SYBR Green 1 fluorescent quantitative PCR for detecting toxR gene of VP was devel- noped which could be very useful for identification and inspection of VP from fishery product in import and export.