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陈新文, 左仰贤, 彭明春 (1998) 云南省少数民族地区社会因素对血吸虫病传播的影响 Ⅳ. 人群接触血吸虫疫水与社会因素的关系. 地方病通报, 2, 45-47.


  • 标题: 云南少数民族地区肝硬化发病特点与防治措施的研究现状The Research of the Disease Features and Preventive Measures of Liver Cirrhosis in Ethnic Areas of Yunnan Province

    作者: 王冬冬, 李立, 陈刚, 王帆, 胡宗强, 刘洪

    关键字: 云南, 少数民族地区, 肝硬化Yunnan Province, Ethnic Areas, Liver Cirrhosis

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Clinical Medicine》, Vol.5 No.3, 2015-09-22

    摘要: 长期接触各种能导致肝损伤的病因,使得肝细胞外基质大量聚积,引发肝纤维化,继而发展为肝硬化,出现肝功能衰竭,甚至是肝癌,危及生命。而云南作为我国少数民族最多的省份,该地区的居民肝硬化的发病情况具有自身的特点,本文就云南少数民族地区肝硬化的发病特点进行了总结,通过与全国其他地区相比,总结其所突显的特点,为云南少数民族地区肝硬化疾病的防治等相关研究提供理论基础。 Liver fibrosis is the excessive accumulation of extracellular matrix (ECM) in the liver, which is de-veloped by a long-term contact with various incentives of chronic liver injury, and moreover it can develop into liver cirrhosis with failure of liver functions, even into deadly liver cancer. Yunnan Province, with the largest number of ethnic groups, has specific features in the conditions of liver cirrhosis that residents in this area have. This paper summarizes the disease features of liver cirrhosis in ethnic areas of Yunnan Province, aiming to find out and make a comprehensive sum-mary of the disease features that hepatic fibrosis highlights by comparison with other areas of our country, which provides the theoretical basis for relevant studies on the prevention and medical treatment of liver cirrhosis patients in ethnic areas of Yunnan Province.