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B. Choi, H. Cha, J. Noh and S. Park. A new contactless battery charger for portable telecommunication/computing electronics. International Conference on Consumer Electronics, 200l: 58-59.


  • 标题: GPS导航,Internet网络等技术在无线充电中的运用GPS Navigation, Internet Network Technology in the Use of Wireless Charging

    作者: 郭言平

    关键字: GPS导航, Internet网络, 无线充电GPS Navigation; Internet Network; Wireless Charging

    期刊名称: 《Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research》, Vol.2 No.1, 2013-02-07

    摘要: 纯电动汽车的充电方式一般为:使用家用的充电器进行慢速充电和在充电桩进行电动汽车的快速充电。然而以快速充电为例,大概在4个小时左右才能充满电,一定程度上制约了纯电动汽车产业的快速发展。后期运用快速换电的方式,可以在十几分钟内实现纯电动汽车的满电工作,可是这种方式前期投入大,运营相对困难,技术对接复杂,难以在短时间内推广。随着无线充电的技术的发展,利用非接触高能量传输方式,结合相关前沿技术,大大提高了纯电动汽车的充电灵活,降低运营成本。本文介绍了运用GPS导航,Internet网络等技术来实现纯电动汽车可连续运行。Charging method of pure electric vehicles generally: the use of household charger trickle charge and electric vehicle charging piles in the fast charge. But in the fast charge as an example, probably in about 4 hours to fully charge, to some extent, restricted the rapid development of electric vehicle industry. By the late fast changing electric way, full power can achieve pure electric car in ten minutes, but this way the large initial investment, operation is relatively dif-ficult, complex and difficult to promote technology transfer, in a short period of time. With the development of wireless charging technology, using non-contact high energy transmission mode, combined with the advanced technology, greatly improving the charging of pure electric vehicles is flexible, reduce operating costs. This paper introduces the application of GPS navigation, Internet network technology to achieve pure electric vehicle capable of continuous op-eration.