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Jing, L., Xin, B., Yuan, F., et al. (2004) Deactivation and regeneration of ZnO and TiO2 nanoparticles in the gas phase photocatalytic oxidation of n-C7H16 or SO2. Applied Ca-talysis, 275, 49-54.


  • 标题: 失效光催化剂的再生方法综述Regeneration Methods of Deactivated Photocatalyst: A Review

    作者: 严晓菊, 李力争

    关键字: 光催化剂, 再生方法, 可重复性Photocatalyst, Regeneration Method, Repeatability

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.5 No.5, 2015-10-23

    摘要: 光催化剂失效问题是光催化技术工业化应用的一个瓶颈问题,光催化剂失效后的再生处理则非常重要。文章综述了国内外文献中失效光催化剂的各种再生方法,如煅烧、清洗、氧化还原、树脂吸附等,并综述了各种再生方法的再生效果及技术关键。另外,一种有效的再生方法应该在每次再生后都保持较高的光催化活性恢复率,所以考察再生方法的可重复性也很重要,但国内外文献中相关研究相对较少。 The deactivation problem of photocatalyst prohibits the industrial application of photocatalysis technology. Therefore, the regeneration methods of the deactivated photocatalyst are essential. Among the domestic and foreign literatures, this article reviews the regeneration methods of the deactivated photocatalyst such as calcinations, cleaning, oxidation reduction and resin adsorption, etc. The regeneration effects and the key techniques of each regeneration methods are also studied. Moreover, the repeatability of the regeneration methods is also important, since an effective regeneration method should maintain a relative high regeneration rate after ever regeneration process. However, this character of the regeneration methods is hardly studied in recent studies.