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Quinn, R.E. and McGrath, M.R. (1985) The Transformation of Organizational Cultures: A Competing Values Perspective. In: Frost, P.J., Moore, L.F., Louis, M.L., Lundberg, C.C. and Martin, J., Eds., Organizational Culture, Sage, Beverly Hills, 315-334.


  • 标题: 职业学校校长竞值变革领导角色指标之建构:以阶层程序分析法为例An Analysis of Indicator Weight of Change Leadership Role for Vocational High School Principals from the Perspectives of Analytic Hierarchy Process

    作者: 郑彩凤

    关键字: 职业学校校长, 竞值架构, 变革领导角色, 相对权重, 阶层程序分析法Vocational High School Principal, Competing Values Framework, Change Leadership Role, Indicator Weight, Analytic Hierarchy Process

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.5 No.6, 2015-11-12

    摘要: 本研究以竞值架构为基础,探讨台湾职业学校校长在组织变革中应有的领导角色,并透过阶层程序分析法(Analytic Hierarchy Process,简称AHP)建构校长竞值变革领导角色指标。本研究选定调查之专家含技职教育行政人员4人、教育行政学者6人、技职体系学者5人、职业学校教育人员7人、职业学校之家长与业界4人,合计26人,先进行三次德怀术问卷调查,再依据研究统计分析结果编制相对权重调查问卷,藉由次序量尺(ordinal scale)来做成评鉴层面与指针的成对两两做比较,求取各阶层间的权重。统计分析结果:四种职业学校竞值变革领导角色层面依权重体系之排序分别为「A创造」权重为37%、「B合作」权重为35%、「C控制」权重为16%与「D竞争」权重为13%。十二种角色层面相对较高权重者为:B-1社群建立者15.40%、A-3革新者12.60%、A-2企业家11.88%、B-2同理者11.55%、A-1梦想家11.52%。 The purpose of the study was to analyze the principals’ leadership roles in the organizational change for vocational high schools in Taiwan. From the perspectives of competing values frame-work, the indicators of change leadership role for vocational high school principals were con-structed with a questionnaire of Delphi. Total 26 expert members including 4 vocational high school administrative staffs, 6 scholars in educational administration, 5 scholars in vocational education, 7 vocational high school teaching staffs, and 4 persons (parental representative or enterprise director) were selected to execute the Delphi questionnaire for 3 times. Then, one relative weight questionnaire was drafted and forwarded to the expert members of Delphi. Analytic hierarchy Process (AHP) was adapted to construct its weight system in the study. The research findings indicated as the following: 1) In the first hierarchy, the essential factors for principals’ competing values leadership role in organizational change for vocational high school included A) creation, B) cooperation, C) control, and D) competition, with the highest weights of 37%, 35%, 16%, and 13% respectively. 2) In the second hierarchy, twelve various competing values leadership roles classified to A), B), C), or D) and its relative weights were shown as below. A) Creation: A-1 “Dreamer”, A-2 “Enterpriser”, and A-3 “Reformer”, with the weights of 11.52%, 11.88%, and 12.60%. B) Cooperation: B-1 “Community Builder”, and B-2 “Empathetic Supporter”, with the weights of 15.40%, and 11.55%.