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刘梅敬. 论美国学校隐性思想政治教育实施路径及其启示[J]. 邢台学院学报, 2012, 27(1): 153-155.


  • 标题: 美国培育核心价值观的十大路径Ten Paths of Cultivating Core Values of the United States

    作者: 田雨晴

    关键字: 美国, 核心价值观, 培育路径The United States, Core Values, Path of Cultivating

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Philosophy》, Vol.4 No.3, 2015-11-16

    摘要: 美国非常重视培育核心价值观,积累了丰富的经验,其基本做法是通过政府、政党、中介组织、学校、媒体、法律、宗教、实物、文化产业、高科技等途径、手段和方法进行直接或间接的灌输与渗透。系统梳理、理性分析、批判汲取美国培育核心价值观的实践路径,对于培育社会主义核心价值观具有重要参考意义和借鉴价值。 The United States attaches great importance to cultivate the core values, and they have accumu-lated a lot of experience. They take basic ways to cultivate core values by means to proceed inculcation and infiltration directly or indirectly, such as the government, political parties, intermediary organizations, schools, media, law, religion, physical, cultural industries, high-tech ways, and so on. The systematic, rational and critical analysis path of cultivating core values of America has important reference meaning and value on cultivating the socialism core values.