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Kirsch, I., Jamieson, J., Taylor, C. and Eignor, D. (1998) Computer Familiarity among TOEFL Examinees. TOEFL Research Report No. 59, Educational Testing Service, Princeton.


  • 标题: 大学英语四级机考背景下的教学研究与实践College English Teaching Research and Practice under CET4-CBT Background

    作者: 段惠琼, 高一丹, 吕鹏

    关键字: 教学研究与实践, 大学英语, 大学英语四级机考Teaching Research and Practice, College English, CET-CBT

    期刊名称: 《Modern Linguistics》, Vol.3 No.4, 2015-11-18

    摘要: 本文使用问卷调查法、访谈法和文献研究法,调查刚刚参加完大学英语四级机考的大二和大三考生对考试的态度感觉,内容涉及机考总体难度、听说读写各个分项测试难度、计算机操作要求等。在随后的教学中,研究人员根据学生意见改进教学,取得了好的成绩。本文期望在教师改进教学的同时,能够得到学校教务处配合,为师生备考大学英语四级机考提供帮助。 This paper has investigated sophomores and juniors at NH University about their attitudes and experiences in their just experienced College English Test-Computer Based Test (CET-CBT) by em-ploying questionnaires, face to face interview, and document analysis. The study involves overall difficulty, difficulties in sub-tests of reading, listening, speaking and writing content, computer operating levels etc. In the subsequent teaching, the researcher improves teaching according to the students’ opinions. Students later have achieved more satisfying scores. In order that examinees are fully ready for CET-CBT, the paper expects school Dean to get fit for the students while teachers are endeavored to improve teaching quality.