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北京市人民政府. 北京市2012年度卫生与人群健康状况报告[R]. 北京:人民卫生出版社, 2013, 63.


  • 标题: 3648例中小学生急诊相关因素分析Correlation Factors Analysis of 3648 Cases of Primary and Secondary School Students’ Emergency

    作者: 张利远, 陈静, 张鹏

    关键字: 急诊, 中小学生, 儿童急诊Emergency, Primary and Middle School Students, Pediatric Emergency

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Emergency Medicine》, Vol.3 No.4, 2015-11-30

    摘要: 目的:分析中小学生急诊相关因素,为学校卫生工作开展提供更多的讯息和科学依据。方法:对2013年本院7~16岁3648例中小学生急诊病进行统计分析。分析内容包括性别、年龄、急诊月分布、区域分布及疾病谱等,用统计学处理。结果:男生多于女生;年龄段以11、12、15、16岁为多;月分布以5、7、8、10月为多;科别以儿内科占首位(51%)。在各病种中以外伤为第一位(儿外科的74.6%);发热为第二位(儿内科33.4%)。结论:为降低中小学生急诊发病率,保证学生健康成长,必须做到以“向学生健康宣教”为主的六点。 Objective: To provide more scientific basis and information for school health work through the analysis of emergency correlation factors of primary and middle school students. Methods: 3648 Emergency schoolchildren cases of 7 - 16-year-old in 2013 in this hospital were investigated. It in-cluded gender, age, monthly distribution, regional distribution and disease spectrum. It is con-ducted by the statistical analysis. Results: There are more boys than girls; most of the schoolchild-ren are 11, 12, 15 and 16 years old; most of the monthly distributions are May, July, August and Oc-tober and internal pediatrics patients account for 51% in all cases. The percentage of trauma is 74.6% in pediatric surgery. Fever is 33.4% in internal pediatrics. Conclusion: In order to reduce the emergency incidence of primary and middle school students and ensure the healthy growth of stu-dents, six points whose focus is “propagandizing and educating health to students” should be done.