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陈旭, 戎嘉余, 等. 上扬子地区奥陶–志留纪之交的黔中隆起和宜昌上升[J]. 科学通报, 2001.


  • 标题: 鄂西地区宜昌上升对黑色页岩烃源岩控制In Western Hubei Control of the Black Shale Source Rocks by Yichang Up

    作者: 朱尧, 陈波, 蒋隽哲, 李桁, 聂冲, 张心愿

    关键字: 五峰–龙马溪组, 页岩气, 宜昌上升, 观音桥段Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation, Shale Gas, Yichang Rise, The Guanyinqiao Section

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.5 No.6, 2015-12-15

    摘要: 鄂西地区晚奥陶统至下志留统龙马溪组是一套优质的陆棚还原坏境下沉积的黑色页岩。通过对野外露头、手标本和样品的实际分析得到了该区块页岩的相关参数,并类比前人对页岩气的生烃条件的研究认为该研究区块下志留统龙马溪组页岩具有生烃条件和页岩气发育的相关基础物质。并考虑构造活动对该区块地层影响,而且通过笔石带的与重庆地区同层页岩比较作出了对鄂西地区五峰组至龙马溪组黑色页岩的资源潜力预测。 In Western Hubei, late Ordovician Wufeng formation to Lower Silurian Longmaxi formation is a set of high-quality shelf black shales deposited in reducing environment. Through the actual analysis of outcrops, hand specimen and sample, several parameters related to the block of shale were obtained; and based on the previous research on analogy of shale gas hydrocarbon generation conditions, we considered that this study area of Lower Silurian Longmaxi formation shale had relevant basic material conditions for hydrocarbon generation and shale gas development. Taking into account the effects of tectonic activity on the block formation, and compared with the graptolite zones layers of shale in Chongqing, we made a prediction on the West Hubei area Wufeng formation to the Longmaxi formation black shale resource potential.