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Wildgaard, K., Ravn, J., Kehlet, H., (2009) Chronic Post-Thoracotomy Pain: A Critical Review of Pathogenic Mechanisms and Strategies for Prevention. European Journal Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 36, 170-180.


  • 标题: 胸外科术后疼痛的中西医研究进展Chinese and Western Medicine Research Progress of Thoracic Surgery Postoperative Pain

    作者: 张琨, 寿伟臻

    关键字: 胸外科, 术后, 疼痛, 中西医Thoracic Surgery, Postoperation, Ache, Traditional and Western Medicine

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Clinical Medicine》, Vol.5 No.4, 2015-12-24

    摘要: 75%~85%的术后患者将会经历不同程度的疼痛,胸外科手术所引起的疼痛被认为是最强烈疼痛之一。对于很多术后患者来说,术后疼痛可能是他们一生中所经历的最为严重的疼痛。但是对于术后的镇痛方法,医学界至今并未达成相应共识,即使有共识,程度上也存在这巨大差异。临床上术后镇痛主要以西医治疗为主,但存在明显的不足,中医通过辨证论治结合针灸治疗在减轻术后疼痛方面有较好的疗效。因此,我们需要中西医结合,发掘更为安全有效的术后多模式镇痛方法,为减轻病人术后疼痛及疼痛造成的多种并发症提供科学的治疗方案。中西医结合的多模式镇痛方法在术后创口疼痛的治疗方面有相当广阔的前景,具有效果明显,安全无副作用等优点,值得进一步深入的研究。Seventy-five percent to eighty-five percent of patients may experience different levels of post-operative pain. In clinic, postoperative pain is scary and one of the most common pain. For some patients, postoperative pain is probably the worst pain they may experience in life. But for post-operative analgesia, the public and even the medical fraternity itself do not reach consensus, even if there is consensus, degree of difference is huge. Clinical postoperative analgesia is mainly composed of western medicine, but has obvious deficiencies. Traditional Chinese medicine which combines the syndrome differentiation with the acupuncture treatment has better efficacy in reducing postoperative pain. Therefore, we need to combine traditional Chinese and western medicine, discover a safer and more effective method of postoperative multimodal analgesia and provide scientific treatments to reduce patients postoperative pain and various complications caused by the pain. Multimodal analgesia method of combining traditional Chinese with western medicine in the treatment of postoperative wound pain has fairly broad prospects. It has the obvious effect. The advantage of this approach is safe without side effects. It is worthy of further research.