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Nguyen, T.A. (2014) Optimization in Microgrid Design and Energy Management. Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, Missouri.


  • 标题: 微电网能量管理系统设计Design of Micro-Grid Energy Management System

    作者: 马赛, 武令君, 郑国涛, 陈鹏, 孙帅

    关键字: 微电网, 能量管理系统, 软件平台, 储能调度, ASP.NETMicro-Grid, Energy Management System, Software Platform, Storage Dispatch, ASP.NET

    期刊名称: 《Smart Grid》, Vol.5 No.6, 2015-12-30

    摘要: 近年来能源和环境问题受到各国重视,采用大量可再生能源的微电网技术快速发展。对微电网进行能量管理可以保证微电网安全高效的运行。本文针对微电网的能量管理问题,阐述了微电网能量管理系统物理层的控制结构与方法、软件层架构与算法,在此基础上开发实现了基于本地服务器的能量管理系统软件平台。平台由服务器、数据库、后台进程、Web网页四部分构成。服务器端系统采用ASP.NET结合MFC开发,连接MySQL数据库,储存微电网状态信息及读取历史用发电信息。用户通过动态刷新的Web网页,实时查看微电网运行状况并进行管理,人机界面友好。后台系统根据给定时间间隔执行预测和调度算法。本系统实现了对微电网的实时监控、发用电预测、储能调度优化和信息综合管理。 In recent years, the energy exhaustion and environmental degradation boost the development of micro-grid for that micro-grid is more compatible with renewable distributed power sources. Energy management in the micro-grid is critical to maintain safety and efficient operation of the micro-gird. This paper focuses on the energy management problem and discusses several aspects of MEMS (Micro-grid Energy Management System), including user requirements, objectives, structure and control strategy of the system. To satisfy these requirements, an MEMS platform based on local sever is presented and realized. The platform consists of server, database web pages, and background processes. Server system uses ASP.NET combined with MFC and connects MySQL da-tabase, which stores current state of micro-grid and reads previous power flow information. Us-er-friendly web pages for users can refresh dynamically, which shows the real-time state and enables user control. Background processes perform forecasting and scheduling algorithm based on a given interval. The proposed MEMS realizes several functions including SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), load and generation forecasting, storage dispatch and optimization, and information management.