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韩久竹, 等. 从赣南地层含钨丰度值对地层钨矿的控制[J]. 地球化学, 1984(2): 176-179.


  • 标题: 江西赣县龙潭下地区物、化探及地质特征与钨多金属矿找矿远景分析Geophysical, Geochemical and Geological Characteristics and Tungsten Polymetallic Ore Prospecting Perspective Analysis, Longtanxia, Jiangxi

    作者: 曾跃, 李红源

    关键字: 钨多金属矿, 物、化探及地质特征, 找矿方向, 龙潭下地区Tungsten Polymetallic, Geophysical, Geochemical and Geological Characteristics, Prospecting Direction, Longtanxia Region

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.5 No.6, 2015-12-31

    摘要: 龙潭下地区位于南岭钨锡多金属成矿带东部,寒武纪地层及燕山早期侵入岩体分布广,成矿物质丰富,断裂构造发育,成矿地质条件优越。地表弱磁正异常主要由断裂及沿断裂裂隙充填铁磁质(如含钨石英脉等)和花岗岩等引起,反演推断异常源埋深较大,成矿空间大。化探异常元素组成复杂,各元素异常显示W Sn Mo-Cu Pb Zn-Au Ag Sb高–中、低温热液型组合特征,W、Sn、Mo等主要成矿元素浓集分带明显、富集系数较高,有利于矿床形成。经查证,矿化主要分布在断裂带以及岩体与变质岩内外接触带附近,已知矿点与各元素异常中心高度吻合,找矿潜力。 Longtanxia district is located in the eastern Nanling tungsten tin polymetallic metallogenic belt, the Cambrian strata and the early Yanshan intrusive mass distribution is wide, the ore-forming material is rich, fracture structure, the metallogenic geological condition is superior. The weak magnetic anomaly is mainly composed of fracture surface and the fracture fissure filling ferro-magnetics (such as containing tungsten quartz vein) and granite, etc., the inversion infers that the buried depth of the anomalous source is bigger; the ore-forming space is large. Complex geochem-ical anomaly elements, each element anomalies W Sn Mo, Cu Pb zinc-Au Ag, Sb in the high and low temperature hydrothermal type combination characteristic, W, Sn, Mo etc. of the main ore-forming elements concentration zoning obvious, enrichment coefficient is higher, is advantageous to the ore deposit formation. After verification, the mineralizations are mainly distributed in fault zone and rock and metamorphic rock, near the inner and outer contact zone of known mines with each element anomaly center height, prospecting potential.