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Kim, S.S., Cho, B.C., Kim, J.H., Lim, D.J., Park, J.Y., Lee, B.J. and Suk, S.I. (2012) Complications of Posterior Vertebral Resection for Spinal Deformity. Asian Spine Journal, 6, 257-265.


  • 标题: 脊柱后凸畸形手术截骨临床研究进展Clinical Research Progress of Spinal Osteotomy for Correction of Spine Kyphosis

    作者: 欧阳云飞, 王岩, 张永刚, 张雪松, 黄鹏, 郑国权

    关键字: 脊柱畸形, 截骨术, 后凸畸形Spinal Deformity, Osteotomy, Kyphosis

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Clinical Medicine》, Vol.5 No.4, 2015-12-31

    摘要: 严重的脊柱后凸畸形往往需要手术矫正,脊柱截骨技术的应用必不可少。传统截骨术可分为:SPO、PSO、以及VCR等截骨术式,不同的畸形采用不同的截骨术,严重的畸形可能会采用两种以上截骨术式。重度脊柱畸形的截骨矫正手术难度大,神经损伤的并发症发生率较高,恰当的截骨术式和医生的手术经验是手术成功的关键所在。解放军总医院骨科王岩教授近年来开创的新术式(VCD)截骨在矫正重度脊柱畸形方面取得了一些成功经验。本文从截骨术的历史到截骨术的分类,以及当前截骨术的新进展全面介绍截骨术矫正脊柱后凸畸形的发展和临床应用。 Severe spinal deformity often requires surgical correction. The application of the spinal osteotomy is indispensable. Traditional osteotomies can be divided into: Smith-Petersen Osteotomy (SPO), Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy (PSO) and Vertebral Column Resection (VCR). Different deformities use different osteotomies. Severe deformity may use two or more osteotomies. The spine corrective surgery of severe deformity is difficult. Occurrence rate of complications of the nerve damage is high. Proper osteotomy and the doctor’s surgical experience are the keys to successful operation. Professor Wang in Department of Orthopedics, Chinese PLA General Hospital has created a new osteotomy named Vertebral Column Decancellation (VCD) in recent years which obtains some successful experience in the correction of the severe spinal deformity. This article comprehensively introduced the development and the clinical application of osteotomy in correction of spinal deformity from the history, the classification and the new progress of the osteotomy.