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张延辉. 智能变电站同步对时网络优化方案研究[D]: [硕士学位论文]. 北京: 华北电力大学, 2011.


  • 标题: 变电站交流回路智能检验系统的实现Implementation of Intelligent Inspection System for Substation AC Circuit

    作者: 陈勇, 张占军, 张明宇, 许昌禄

    关键字: 变电站, 交流回路, 智能系统, 智能检验Substation, AC Circuit, Intelligent System, Intelligent Test

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.3 No.6, 2015-12-31

    摘要: 传统的变电站现场主要采用原始的干电池对线,局部检验方法,缺乏完整性和系统性。本文针对变电站组成的结构、传统交流回路检验系统存在的问题进行研究,研究了变电站交流回路系统关键器件选型,变电站交流回路系统的配套软件和方案,通过时钟对时模块、数据通讯模块、数据分析模块等对系统数据进行了分析,给出了具体的逻辑结构及系统方案,此外,对变电站交流回路设备互连过程及组成图进行了描述和说明,实现了变电站交流回路智能检验系统,系统具有可靠性、安全性及可维护性。 Traditional communication circuit has some shortcomings, such as using original dry battery and local inspection method; this leads to lack of integrity and systematic. To the traditional AC circuit test system, this paper researches substation structure, key components, substation communica-tion loop system supporting software and solutions. Based on analysis of the clock synchronization module, data communication module, data analysis module of the system, we describe and il-lustrate the specific logical structure and scheme of the system. In addition, substation communi-cation circuit equipment interconnection process and composition diagram are described and il-lustrated. Finally, we realize AC circuit intelligent inspection system and this system has reliability, security and maintainability.