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汪清. 国内医学院校PBL教学模式的应用现状及问题剖析[J]. 复旦教育论坛, 2010, 8(5): 88-91.


  • 标题: 医学生视域下的“问题为基础的学习”Problem-Based Learning from Medical Students Perspectives

    作者: 王琳, 李洪岩, 袁红艳, 陈黎, 申耀楠

    关键字: 问题为基础的学习, 医学生, 整合课程, 胜任力Problem-Based Learning, Medical Students, Integrated Curriculum, Competence

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.6 No.1, 2016-01-22

    摘要: 目的:学生对“问题为导向的学习”(Problem-Based Learning, PBL)的认识直接影响此教育理念的实施。从医学生角度评价PBL的效果,从中发现问题,并提出可能的解决方案。方法:对经历了基础医学整合课程PBL的学生进行问卷调查,并对回馈进行分析。结果:57.7%的学生喜欢PBL课程,90%以上的学生对自己、所在小组以及小组教师的表现比较满意。但是有12.9%的同学不适应PBL,有22.9%的同学更喜欢传统的授课为基础的学习。结论:PBL有助于提高医学生的胜任力。应加强教师及学生培训,合理调整课程体系,充分发挥PBL在基础医学教育中的优势。 Objective: Recognition of the students to the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) directly affects the implementation of this educational philosophy. In this paper, the effect of PBL on medical students’ learning was explored in order to find out the problem and propose the possible solutions. Methods: Questionnaire survey was carried out in the medical students who experienced the problem-based learning in integrated basic medical curriculum. The feedbacks were analyzed. Results: 57.7% of students preferred PBL program; more than 90% of students were satisfied with the performance of themselves, group and tutors. Nevertheless, 12.9% of students did not adapt PBL; 22.9% of students preferred traditional lecture-based learning. Conclusions: PBL may help improve medical student competencies. To exploit the advantages of PBL in basic medical education, the tutors and students training should be stressed, and the curriculum program should be designed around PBL.