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李斌, 杨文达, 李培廉. 利用三维地震资料评估深水井位工程地质灾害[J]. 海洋地质与第四纪地质, 2009, 29(1): 121-127.


  • 标题: 三维地震勘探技术在南海的应用进展及展望Application Progress and Prospect of 3D Seismic Exploration Technology in the South China Sea

    作者: 刘杰, 刘潇

    关键字: 三维地震勘探, 资源勘探开发, 资料深度处理应用, 南海3D Seismic Exploration, Resource Exploration, Data Processing and Application, South China Sea

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.6 No.1, 2016-02-25

    摘要: 随着深水油气资源勘探开发的快速增长,深海高分辨率三维地震资料精细处理和深度处理技术越来越成熟。本文对三维地震勘探技术在南海资源勘探开发中的应用进行了总结,从海底资源勘探开发、水深地形地貌反演、深水地质灾害识别评估三个方面进行了论述,并提出了目前研究工作中尚未解决的问题及未来的发展方向和研究重点。对促进和丰富我国深海三维地震资料的深度处理与应用,深入研究和认识深海沉积与工程环境具有重要意义。 High resolution 3D seismic data of deep sea was becoming more mature with the rapid develop-ment of oil and gas exploration. In this paper, we systematically analyzed and discussed the present research concerning application progress of 3D seismic exploration technology in the South China Sea on exploration and development of marine resources, inversion of deep water depth, and identification and assessment of geological hazard in deep water. Otherwise, we put forward the unsolved problems presently, the research direction and emphasis in future. This work was instructive to promoting and enriching the deep processing and application of 3D seismic data in deep sea, and has great value of further studying and understanding sediment and engineering environment in deep sea.