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马玉萍, 许鹏奎, 王亚平, 杨丽. 高校辅导员队伍建设状况的调查与分析——甘肃民办高校辅导员队伍建设路径选择[J]. 兰州交通大学学报, 2013, 32(5): 162-165.


  • 标题: 云南省民办高校专职辅导员职业幸福感评价研究An Evaluation Study on the Professional Happiness of the Full-Time College Counselors in Yunnan’s Civilian-Run Colleges

    作者: 李鑫

    关键字: 云南省民办高校, 专职辅导员, 职业幸福感Civilian-Run Colleges in Yunnan Province, Full-Time College Counselors, Professional Happiness

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Social Sciences》, Vol.5 No.1, 2016-03-03

    摘要: 民办高校专职辅导员的职业幸福感问题是辅导员职业化建设过程中的关键一环,但社会、学校和个人对辅导员工作的认知和认同仍有待提高。调查显示,云南省民办高校专职辅导员群体的职业幸福感普遍较低,其关键性影响因素则是缺乏合理的管理制度、工作模糊、工作压力大、系统性职业培训的缺失等问题。正确认识云南省民办高校专职辅导员群体的职业幸福感及其关键影响因素,能有的放矢地促进学校制度的完善、增强专职辅导员的归属感和职业幸福感,并最终利于学校管理和未来长远发展。 The professional happiness of the full-time college counselors in civilian-run colleges is a key point of the professionalization of college counselors, but still lacks enough attention and correct identification. Our survey reveals that the counselors group in Yunnan’s civilian-run colleges has a low level of professional happiness, and the important factors giving rise to that are being lack of reasonable management system, job ambiguity, heavy work pressure, being lack of systematic vocational training and so on. A correct understanding of the situation and influence factors of the full-time counselors’ professional happiness in Yunnan’s civilian-run colleges can be beneficial to the improvement of college management institution, and be favor of strengthening the belonging-ness and professional happiness of the counselors as well, which will contribute to the further de-velopment of the civilian-run colleges ultimately.