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Sedikides, C., & Brewer, M. F. (2001). Individual Self, Relational Self, Collective Self. Philadelphia, PA: Psychology Press.


  • 标题: 生态自我参照效应初探The Effect of Ecological Self Reference

    作者: 刘婷婷, 马婧瑾

    关键字: 生态自我, 自我参照效应, 自我, 记忆Ecological Self, Self-Reference Effect, Self, Memory

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Psychology》, Vol.6 No.3, 2016-03-08

    摘要: 在自我参照记忆效应中加入生态自我参照任务,探索是否存在与个体自我参照及群体参照同样的记忆优先效应。实验结果表明:以生态自我为参照的加工任务的再认成绩与语义参照加工任务的再认成绩之间并不存在显著的差异,但在R与K指标上,生态自我参照的R值显著高于语义参照,反映出了生态自我参照能够促进记忆的加工。 Joining the ecological self reference processing tasks into the self reference memory effect is to explore whether the memory is priority as that in the individual self-reference and the group- reference. The results from the experiment showed that: ecological self referential processing task and semantic processing task did not differ in recognition rates. However, “Remember” judgment rates were significantly higher in ecological self referential processing task than those in semantic processing task, which reflected the promotion of ecological self reference on memory.