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武氏惠, 武氏暄. 浅谈越南高校外语专业教学的状况——以汉语专业教学为例[J]. 现代语文(学术综合版), 2014(2): 75-79.


  • 标题: 高校外语专业教学模式的转变探讨—基于互联网优势On the Changes to the Teaching Pattern of Foreign Language Discipline in Colleges or Universities—Based on the Advantages of the Internet

    作者: 邱宗锋

    关键字: 外语专业, 教学模式, 互联网, 转变Foreign Language Discipline, Teaching Pattern, Internet, Change

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.6 No.2, 2016-03-18

    摘要: 高校外语专业的教学模式始终是与时俱进的,外语人才的培养目标和社会需求以及外语教学的技术发展都会对教学模式产生不同程度的影响。然而,自互联网技术全球普及以来,我国的高校外语专业教学模式却没有足够地充分利用互联网技术带来的便利与革新。如何才能结合高校外语专业的教学实际,充分发挥互联网海量资源库的强大作用,进一步提高教学质量,应当成为当前高校外语专业师生积极探讨、深入研究的课题。 The teaching pattern for learning a foreign language as a college discipline is evidently changing to adapt itself to the society where it is conducted, because the objective and demand of a society for talents with a good command of a foreign language as well as the technical development in language teaching are always casting on it variable influences. Now that the Internet technologies have been popular around the world, the above-mentioned pattern in our colleges and universities, however, has not been fully pushed to a new era by that popularity of the Internet yet. Therefore, it should be a topic for research by the teachers and students working in the foreign language program of a college or university how the foreign language discipline of a college or university can be further improved by the hugeness of information the Internet has been ready to offer.