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于洋. 特殊螺纹接头选用技术研究[D]: [硕士学位论文]. 西安: 西安石油大学, 2012: 5-10.


  • 标题: 油井管特殊螺纹接头的密封性能对比分析Analysis and Comparison of Sealing Performance of the Premium Connections

    作者: 彭羽, 李连进

    关键字: 特殊螺纹接头, 密封性能, 有限元分析, 数值模拟, 接触压力Premium Connection, Sealing Performance, Finite Element Analysis, Numerical Simulation, Contact Pressure

    期刊名称: 《Mechanical Engineering and Technology》, Vol.5 No.1, 2016-03-24

    摘要: 随着油田的钻井深度增加和海上油田的开发,特殊螺纹接头的需求量增加,油井管制造企业加大了对专用油井管的研究投入。为得出不同密封结构接头密封性能受结构参数的影响,本文以锥面/锥面、柱面/球面两种密封结构的特殊螺纹接头为研究对象,采用有限元软件进行模拟分析,在不同工况下台肩及主密封面的加工误差、球面曲率半径、锥度变化等对两种结构的密封面接触压力及分布规律的影响。有限元计算结果表明:两种密封结构接头的扭矩台肩接触压力受影响较为敏感,而主密封面的接触应力受影响相对较小;在只有上扣工况时,采用锥面/锥面的密封结构接头较为适用,而在存在拉伸工况时,柱面/ 球面结构的密封结构更为适用。 With the drilling depth getting deeper and the exploitation of offshore oilfield, the demands of premium connection are greatly increased, which draw domestic enterprises’ more attention to their sealing performance. Selecting two kinds of premium connections with sealing structure of cone/cone type and cylindrical/spherical type as the research objects, this paper analyzes the in-fluence of structure parameters, which include the interference of the primary sealing structure along with the shoulder structure, and the radius of curvature along with the taper of the primary sealing structure, on contact pressure of sealing structure and shoulder under different conditions. FEA results indicate that the contact pressure of shoulder is sensitive to the structure parameters, while a contrary trend is observed in primary sealing structure. The premium connection with sealing structure of cone/cone type is applicable under the condition of make-up. On the other hand, the cylindrical/spherical type structure is suitable under tensile.