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叶银珠, 王正波. 可动凝胶深部调驱数值模拟研究现状及发展方向[J]. 内蒙古石油化工, 2010, 36(009): 157-160.


  • 标题: 稠油油藏热采汽窜调驱剂及调驱技术研究Study of Steam Channeling Profile Control Agent and Profile Control and Displacement Technology in Thermal Recovery of Heavy Oil Reservoir

    作者: 王春生, 孙英蕃, 梁超, 刘洋, 吕宁

    关键字: 热采, 汽窜, 调驱, 单液法Thermal Recovery, Stream Channeling, Profile Control and Displacement, Single Liquid Process

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.4 No.1, 2016-03-28

    摘要: 本次研究针对非均质、高温油藏条件,研制出一种抗高温凝胶调驱剂。采用单一变量法进行耐高温调驱体系成分配比优化,对其进行静态评价、动态评价;利用实验数据结合CMG数值模拟软件优化调驱工艺参数。耐高温凝胶类调驱剂体系配方:0.03%助凝剂 + 2.75%交联剂I + 2.1%交联剂II + 8%耐高温主剂;成胶粘度2000~5000 mPa∙s,适用pH = 6~8,耐温 > 280℃、封堵率 > 90.39%;采用单液法低压低排注入,优化出调剖半径20 m,有效期11~12个月,预测调剖技术应用区块三年后增油率5.98%,含水率下降0.81%。本次研究为高温调剖技术研究提供理论基础,对现场调剖实践具有指导意义。 To the oil reservoir conditions of heterogeneity, high temperature, an anti-high temperature gel profile control agent is developed. We use simple variable method to optimize the ratio of com-ponent of anti-high temperature gel profile control agent and evaluate its static and dynamic per-formance. Combined the experimental data with CMG numerical simulation software, the profile process parameters are optimized. The formula of anti-high temperature gel profile control agent system is: 0.03% coagulant aid + 2.75% cross-linking agent I + 2.1% cross-linking II + 8% high temperature resistant main agent, the gelling viscosity is between 2000 - 5000 mPa∙s, PH = 6 - 8 is applied, heat-resistant > 280˚C, plugging rate > 90.39%. The low-pressure low-emission injection with single fluid method is used. The optimized radius of profile control is 20 m, period of validity is 11 - 12 months. After the three years’ application of the profile control technology, the prediction of the incremental oil rate is 5.98%, and the water cut is decreased by 0.81%. This study provides theoretical basis for high-temperature profile control technology research and has a guiding significance for site construction applications.