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孙施文. 城市规划不能承受之重——城市规划的价值观之辨[J]. 城市规划学刊, 2006(1): 11-17.


  • 标题: 我国高校城市规划专业人才培养中存在的主要问题及其对策研究The Main Problems Existing in the Urban Planning Professional Training of College and Its Countermeasures

    作者: 韩广, 刘宇慧, 朱孟娜

    关键字: 城市规划, 培养目标, 建筑学, 地理学, 生态学, 课程设置Urban Planning, Training Objectives, Geography, Ecology, Curriculum Setting

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.6 No.2, 2016-03-31

    摘要: 新型城市化对城市规划专业人才的需求提出了更高的要求,作为专业人才培养主体的高校应积极应对这种变化。本文通过对代表性“985”及“211”高校的培养目标、专业设立背景、课程设置的现状等方面的系统分析,指出了我国现阶段大部分高校的课程设置偏重于建筑学课程的设置,而忽略了地理学及生态学课程的开设与强化,难以适应新形势发展需要的基本事实,认为修订培养方案与教学计划是当务之急。本文建议:1) 在总课时不变的情况下,适度减少建筑学专业课的数量和课时,为开设生态学和地理学课程提供必要的课时;2) 建立多元化生态学和地理学课程的开设课程体系,即生态学和地理学课程的开设要必修和选修、概论课与分论课结合,使之形成一个完整的课程体系;3) 建立相配套的具有扎实专业知识背景和实践经验的专业教师队伍。 New urbanization puts forward higher requirements to urban planning professionals, and thus as the main body for professional training colleges should actively respond to this change. This paper points out that the curriculum of most universities in this stage emphasizes on architecture curriculum setting, while ignoring the creation and strengthening of geography and ecology course, which cannot adapt to the new situation, and it is considered that the revising training programs and teaching programs are a priority, by systematically analyzing the training objectives of “985” and “211” universities, the profession establishment background, and the current status of curriculum setting. This paper suggests that: 1) with the total class hours unchanged, architecture courses can be moderately reduced, and necessary hours for ecology and geography courses should be offered; 2) a diversified ecology and geography courses system should be established; namely ecology and geography courses should combine compulsory and elective courses, as well as introduction and theory points courses, so as to form a complete curriculum system; 3) professional teaching force should be established with solid professional background and practical experience.