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张志勇, 罗珊红, 萧嘉慧(译) (2000). 大学生SCL-90量表结果比较研究.中国心理卫生杂志, 478-482.


  • 标题: 高职院校大学生心理状况的调查与分析Investigation and Analysis of the Psychological Conditions of Higher Vocational College Students

    作者: 闫梦莹, 李丽

    关键字: 高职院校, 心理健康, 大学生Higher Vocational Colleges, Mental Health, College Students

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Psychology》, Vol.6 No.4, 2016-04-14

    摘要: 随着科技的不断进步,国民收入的不断提高,处于社会主义经济制度下的高职大学生们拥有了更广阔的平台,更好的创业机会。但是,机遇是伴随着挑战的。面对激烈竞争的社会环境,作为国家重点培养的高职大学生,不仅要拥有过人的智慧和本领,更要拥有强壮的体魄和健康的心灵。本研究以贵州省轻工职业技术学院为样本,采用国内外通用的心理健康量表SCL-90,通过发放问卷的方式,针对高职大学生心理健康开展调查研究,通过对数据的整理和分析,了解高职大学生心理健康的严重程度。经过研究后得到四点结论:第一,全国大学生心理健康常模高于高职大学生的心理健康状况;第二,高职男生的心理健康状况高于高职女生;第三,一年级的学生心理状况高于其他年级;第四,生源地是农村的高职大学生心理健康状况低于生源地是城镇的高职大学生。 With the constant progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of national income, under the socialist economic system the higher vocational college students have a wider platform and better business opportunities. However, opportunities are accompanied by challenges. Facing the fierce competitive social environment, as a national key training part, the higher vocational college students should not only have superhuman wisdom and talent, but also have strong body and healthy mind. In this study, by taking the Guizhou Provincial Light Industry Career Technical College as a sample and using the domestic and foreign general mental health scale SCL-90, we investigate mental health of vocational college students through questionnaire. Ac-cording to the study, we get the following conclusion: first, the mental health norm of college stu-dents is higher than that of higher vocational college students; second, the mental health status of boys in higher vocational colleges is higher than that of female students; third, psychological con-dition of the students of grade one is higher than that of other grades; forth, rural vocational college students’ mental health is poorer than that of town’s higher vocational college students.