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周超, 刘贤明. 镇江市高校大学生从事家教现状研究[J]. 大众文艺(理论), 2009(9): 156-157.


  • 标题: 对舟山大学生家教现状的浅析—以浙江海洋大学为例Analyses of the Present Situation of College Students’ Tutoring in Zhoushan—A Case Study of Zhejiang Marine University

    作者: 熊焕焕, 曹卫星

    关键字: 大学生家教, 现状分析, 建议College Students’ Tutoring, Analysis of the Situation, Advice

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.6 No.3, 2016-05-06

    摘要: 随着大学生兼职种类的迅速增多,大学生的选择面也不断扩展,但还是以大学生家教的情况最为普遍。大学生的家教活动不仅较为复杂、特殊,而且又涉及到了大学生以及教育这两大类,是现今社会所关注的重点问题。本文正是在这样的一个大环境下采用问卷调查的方法对舟山大学生家教的现状进行了研究,提出了大学生家教的独特优势与存在的严重问题,并给出了相应的建议,希望能够为大学生家教方式提供一个较好的参考意见,从而促进舟山大学生家教的进一步发展。 With the rapid increase in the number of part-time jobs of college students, the choices of college students are also expanding, but tutoring is still the most common part-time job of college students. The family education activities of college students are not only complex, special, but also related to the university students and the education, so it is the focus of social concern. This paper conducts the research of the present situation of college students’ tutoring in Zhoushan in such a big environment by using questionnaire method, proposes the unique advantages and existing serious problems, and puts forward some corresponding suggestions. We hope it can be able to provide a good reference for college students’ tutoring, so as to promote the further development of college student’ tutoring in Zhoushan.