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周文委, 王涌, 金燕. 虚拟仪器技术及其教学应用[J]. 浙江工业大学学报, 2007, 35(1): 69-72.


  • 标题: 基于对象全景技术的全站仪3维仿真模型研究Study on 3D Simulation Model of Total Station Based on Object Panoramic Technology

    作者: 李华蓉, 张慧苹

    关键字: 对象全景技术, 全站仪, 3维仿真模型Object Panoramic Technology, Total Station, 3D Simulation Model

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.6 No.3, 2016-05-10

    摘要: 工程测量课程中仪器的讲解与操作是关系教学成功与否的关键,随着课堂人数的激增,传统的实物教学陷入困境,为此,引入基于对象全景技术的测量仪器3维仿真模型来解决学生看不清、看不全的现状。以索佳全站仪为样本,采用对象全景技术,详细研究了360˚图像采集方法、图像处理技术和全景制作流程,实现了全站仪3维仿真模型的构建。将此模型应用于课堂教学,获得了令人满意的效果,是信息化教学的一次大胆尝试。 In the engineering surveying course, explanation and operation of instrument is the key to suc-cessful teaching. However, as the class size increases sharply, the traditional method of object teaching gets into trouble, thus, in order to settle the instrument conditions invisible to students, it is necessary to introduce the 3D simulation model of instruments based on object panoramic technology. We used Sokkia total station as a sample, adopted the object panoramic technology, researched the method of 360˚ image acquisition, image processing and the making process of panoramic instrument in detail, and finally realized the construction of the 3D simulation model of total station. The results are applied in teaching and obtain the satisfactory teaching quality, which is a bold attempt of the informationization teaching.