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魏永田, 孟大伟, 温嘉斌. 电机内热交换[M]. 北京: 机械工业出版社, 1998: 70-80.


  • 标题: 屏蔽电机温度场分析Analysis of Temperature Field of the Canned Motor

    作者: 杨文奕, 王华生, 孟繁东

    关键字: 屏蔽电机, 有限体积, 温度场, 准确计算Canned Motor; Finite Volume Method; Temperature Field; Accurate Calculation

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.1 No.2, 2013-05-31

    摘要: 屏蔽电机结构复杂、损耗较大,主要应用在化工液体的输送上,其安全稳定的运行十分重要。本文以一台屏蔽电机为例,根据流体力学及传热学理论,建立三维流体场与三维温度场耦合的求解域物理模型,采用有限体积法计算额定工况下电机的温度分布。通过计算,揭示了屏蔽电机内各主要部件的温度分布规律,得到定子股线、铁心温升较高,转子铁心、导条温升较低,最高温升发生在定子股线上端部的结论。可为屏蔽电机的结构设计以及更大容量屏蔽电机温度场的准确计算提供理论依据。The canned motor which has complex structure and large loss is mainly used in the transportation of liquid chemical, and its safe operation and stability is very important. Taken a canned motor as an example, physical model of three dimensional fluid and temperature coupled field was established according to hydromechanics and heat transfer theory. The temperature distribution of motor under nominal working condition was calculated by using finite volume method. By calculation, revealing the regularity of temperature distribution of canned motor and obtaining the conclu- sion that the temperature rise of stator strands and stator core are high, the temperature rise of rotor bars and rotor core are low, the location of maximum temperature rise of motor is in the upper end of stator stands, which provided the the- ory basis for structure design and accurate calculation of larger capacity canned motor.