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V. B. Kakuzin. Experience in operating the water-injection sys- tem control valves at power station boilers. Thermal Engineering, 2002, 49(4): 300-305.


  • 标题: 最小流量阀的数值分析及结构优化Numerical Simulation and Structure Optimization of the Minimum Flow Valve

    作者: 刘贞贞, 蒋劲, 张娜, 张立胜, 李燕辉

    关键字: 最小流量阀, 数值模拟, 结构优化Minimum Flow Valve; Numerical Simulation; Structure Optimization

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.1 No.2, 2013-06-21

    摘要: 对最小流量阀在不同开度下进行了三维数值模拟研究。采用RNG k-epsilon湍流模型封闭N-S方程组以求解阀门内部流场,得到了各个开度下的阀门压力和流速的分布情况。根据阀门的损失系数和流量随开度的变化曲线,研究了阀门的特性。通过对压力分析确定了主要压力损失发生的部位,并提出改进方案。结果表明改进后的阀门,其压力损失得到明显的降低,流体对阀门的冲击也得到明显改善。Based on three-dimensional numerical simulation results, the minimum flow valve is studied under different opening level. The flow inside the valve was controlled by the Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations together with the continuity equation. The RNG k-epsilon turbulence model was selected to govern the turbulence characteristics. Pressure and velocity distributions in the flow fields were obtained and analyzed under every opening level. The varia- tion curves of the loss coefficient and the flow rate along with the opening level were obtained to study the valve per- formance. The location where the major pressure loss happening was found by analyzing the pressure distribution. Then, the improvement method was proposed. The results of the valve with the new structure show that the pressure loss is decreased and the impaction of the fluid to the valve is alleviated.