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李子建. 课程领导与教师专业发展: 知识管理的观点[J]. 香港教师中心学报, 2004(3): 15-27.


  • 标题: 香港培训科组主任领导力的经验Experience on Cultivating the Leadership of Subject-Heads in Hong Kong Schools

    作者: 胡少伟

    关键字: 科组主任的领导力, 中层人员的培训, 香港教师在职发展Leadership of Subject-Heads, Professional Training of Middle-Managers, In-Service Development of Teaches in Hong Kong

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.6 No.3, 2016-05-23

    摘要: 作为学校中层的科组主任,是一个多角色的混合体,既要教学,又要管理和领导科组,但却得不到相关的职前培训,故有些香港学科组主任在管理和领导上会感到力不从心。加上,很多学校每年都有新晋升的科组主任,提供有效培训以支持中层人员的管理和领导力成长,已成为香港教育界持续关注的内容。香港初等教育研究学会于2012至2013年获优质教育基金拨款推行“提升小学科组主任的领导力”计划,目的是向科组主任提供系统培训、校本诊断、校本教师培训、友校参观和行动学习等专业活动,以提升他们领导科组的能力,从而优化其科组管理和促进校务发展。这篇文章的主旨是回顾上述香港专业发展计划的经验,并从剖析计划历程中显示参与科组主任在专业社群学习的成长。 As a middle manager of school, subject-head is a mixture of more than one role, and not only has teaching tasks, but also needs to manage and lead the team, but they lack of related pre-service training so that many subject-heads feel powerless in the management and leadership. In addition, there are many newly subject-heads of schools every year, so providing effective training to support the management and leadership for the growth of middle managers has got sustained attention from Hong Kong’s education sector. “Enhancing the Leadership of Subject-Heads in Primary Schools” Program, which was funded by the Quality Education Fund in 2012-2013, has been implemented by Hong Kong Primary Education Research Association, which aims to provide professional development to subject-heads through systematic training, school-based diagnosis, school-based teacher training, schools visits and the action learning, to enhance their ability to lead team and manage the development of the subject. This article reflects the learning process of the participative subject-heads within this program and shares the experience of professional development in Hong Kong schools.