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劳动合同法一本通[M]. 谢良敏, 编. 第二版. 北京: 法律出版社, 2009.


  • 标题: 违法发包人与实际施工人的雇用者不成立劳动关系—“用工单位承担工伤保险责任”的质疑The Illegal Party Issuing Contract Can’t Establish Labor Relations with the Employer of Actual Construction Person—About “The Industrial Injury Insurance Liability Shall Be Borne by the Employer”

    作者: 刘斌

    关键字: 发包人, 承包人, 劳动者, 劳动关系, 工伤The Developer, The Contractor, The Laborer, Labor Relations, Industrial Injury

    期刊名称: 《Dispute Settlement》, Vol.2 No.1, 2016-05-25

    摘要: 在劳动争议案件与工伤认定案件中,建筑工程承包合同中不具备用工主体资格的承包人、分承包人、转承包人等实际施工人招用的劳动者,与实际施工人前一手具有用工主体资格的违法发包人、非法分包人、转包人之间是否成立劳动关系,以及劳动者因工受伤是否认定为工伤的问题上,劳动和社会保障部/人力资源社会保障部的政策性部门规章和最高人民法院的司法解释在规定上,与《劳动合同法》和《安全生产法》的规定存在抵触与冲突,导致司法实践中存在诸多认识误区,以致各地对此的做法未能统一。从法理上分析与上位法的规定来看,这方面的政策性部门规章与司法解释,确有不妥之处,企望能够得到相关部门的重视与思考。 In the cases of labor controversies and work-related injury certifications, some problems exist in the construction project contrat. Does the labor relation established between workers employed by the unqualified actual constructor—the contractor, sub-contractor and assigne—and the pre- vious actual constructor of illegal employer, illegal sub-contractor and assignee? Can the workers injured by labor be identified as work-related injuries? There exists conflict with the policy department regulations of Ministry of Labour and Social Security and judicial interpretation of the Superme People’s Count and provisions of the Contract Law and the Safety Production Law. The conflict leads to many misunderstandings in the judicial practice, so that the practice of this approach failed to unify. From the perspective of jurisprudential analysis and host law pro- visions, this aspect of the policy department regulations and judicial interpre-tation have a wrong place. We hope to get the attention of the relevant departments and thinking .