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Y. Abrahamyan, V. Serago, V. Aroutiounian, et al. The efficiency of solar cells immersed in liquid dielectrics. Solar Energy Mate- rials and Solar Cells, 2002, 73(4): 367-375.


  • 标题: 液浸式冷却硅基聚光光伏研究综述The Summary of Silicon CPV with Liquid Immersion Cooling

    作者: 缪晨阳, 徐伟, 张紫仪, 沈景云, 杨帆

    关键字: 聚光光伏技术, 效率, 冷却与散热, 液浸式冷却CPV; Efficiency; Cooling & Heat Radiation; Liquid Immersion Cooling

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.1 No.3, 2013-08-12

    摘要: 本文简要介绍了聚光光伏发电技术,讨论了其系统构成和发电效率。针对聚光光伏关键的冷却与散热问题进行了讨论。重点讨论了近年来新出现的聚光光伏散热技术——液浸式冷却技术,对其基本原理和在硅基聚光电池组件的应用进行了阐述,分析了常见绝缘冷却介质的性质及其影响因素,并对目前液浸式冷却硅基聚光光伏的研究成果进行了综述。This article briefly describes the concentrating photovoltaic power generation technology and discusses composition and power generation efficiency of its system. The issues of cooling and heat dissipation, the key of the concentrating photovoltaic, are discussed in this article. The discussion focuses on the liquid immersion cooling tech- nology which is one of the emerging concentrating photovoltaic heat radiation technologies in recent years. The basic principles and the application of the components of silicon concentrating photovoltaic solar cells are expounded. It in- vestigates the nature and affecting factors of some common insulating cooling substances and summarizes the research achievements of silicon concentrating photovoltaic with liquid immersion cooling.